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We Will Not Be Silenced Workbook

We Will Not Be Silenced Workbook


In We Will Not Be Silenced (200,000+ copies sold), author and pastor Erwin Lutzer unraveled the complex threats faced by Christians in a society that has weaponized race, gender, sexuality, and more to divide individuals and undermine freedom.

Now with this companion guide, you’ll dive deeper into the biblical perspectives on today’s controversial issues, learning how you can best respond to cultural hostility with Christlike strength and compassion. Whether you’re reading individually or with a group, this workbook will help you

appreciate God’s unchanging truth in an era of dissent and deteriorating standards

identify and reject secular perspectives and pressures—from both outside the church and within—that have crept unnoticed into your life

commit yourself to action and prayer as you testify of Jesus’ love in a world that denies Him

You are not alone in fighting this battle! This workbook will encourage you to continue standing boldly for your faith and enrich your understanding of how to do so effectively.

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