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The Spirit of the Overcomer

The Spirit of the Overcomer


Arthur Traci Holloman knows firsthand about being held hostage by her past, recalling in her new book, The Spirit of the Overcomer, the ways the devil filled her with doubt and avoidance of freedom from her sins.

However, the Spirit of the Overcomer celebrates Christians who have chosen not to fall victim to the world’s (the devil’s) strongholds, but instead embraced their identities in Christ through surrender and obedience to God.

Traci defines an Overcomer as one who realizes the task at hand in being a disciple of Christ, and knows there will be frequent challenges thrown at them that will require overcoming.

Each chapter focuses on uncovering the personality of a Christian Overcomer, who views his or her past as directions from God towards opportunities of growth. Whether it was a mistaken drift on the path or refusal to follow God‘s instruction toward a destination, Traci states the Overcomer views them as necessary steps towards one’s true purpose.

The upholding of your identity in Christ will allow Jesus to release you from the bondage of sin in your life and come to know the freedom that can only come through him.

So, if your past is keeping you stationary in mistakes and in sin, know that the spirit of the Overcomer is within you to become an Overcomer of the past and a champion for God for the future.

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