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The Silencing of the Lambs

The Silencing of the Lambs


How long will the church’s voice be drowned out by the roar of the enemy?


After reading this book, you will understand the critical issues threatening the spread of the gospel in America, and how you can play a part and no longer be a “silent lamb” drowned out by the voices of secularism, liberalism, and pagan thinking in America.


If you are a conservative living in America today, there is a target on your back. If you are a Christian conservative, that target is even bigger. If you are a Christian conservative who refuses to bow down to the spirit of the age, the spirit of political correctness, that target is so big that you are a marked man or woman. A person like that—like you!—must be silenced.

So says today’s cultural elite, who are making it increasingly difficult for Christians to stand up and live out their faith. In The Silencing of the Lambs, Dr. Michael L. Brown lays out what is happening in the world around us—from the assault on children in schools and on college campuses to the unprecedented censorship of Christians and conservatives through Big Tech. He then maps out strategies for how we can turn the pitfalls into platforms and find courage in the midst of opposition.

The Word of God cannot be bound. The church cannot be cancelled. This book sounds the alarm, alerting Christians to the increasing censorship, opposition, and even persecution believers are facing today, and calls them to remove the muzzle, take their place as the church in this nation, and turn the tide.


Michael Brown is one of the most articulate and trusted voices in the Christian community today, and that’s why his new book, The Silencing of the Lambs, is so timely and important. Every believer should read this well-researched resource to understand the direction of woke culture and gain the knowledge to engage with it from a biblical perspective. This should be required reading for every serious Christian.

—Phil Cooke, PhD

Author; Media Producer; Cofounder, Cooke Media Group

The world remains a dangerous place for many followers of Christ for a variety of reasons. In the once Christian-friendly United States, religious liberty is under assault like never before. I encourage everyone to read my friend Dr. Michael Brown’s latest book, The Silencing of the Lambs, to arm yourself, your family, and your church for what lies ahead.

—Tim Wildmon

President, American Family Association and American Family Radio

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