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The Holy Land Handbook

The Holy Land Handbook


Visit the Holy Land,

wherever you might be!


The Holy Land Handbook is a beautifully illustrated guide to the history, culture, geography, and key sites of the Bible. This “readable reference” transports you to the land where Abraham, David, and Jesus lived, explaining the what, when, where, and why of their stories—and many, many more.


The Holy Land Handbook provides details on the history, setting, and importance of more than 130 key locales, including


The Dead Sea


The Jordan River


The Jezreel Valley

And many more


The Holy Land Handbook also covers the all-important city of Jerusalem with individual entries on spots such as


The Western Wall

The Pool of Bethesda

The Upper Room

Gordon’s Calvary

Church of the Holy Sepulchre


Fully illustrated in color, with helpful maps and intriguing sidebars, The Holy Land Handbook is great prep for those visiting the Middle East—and an equally great read for “armchair travelers” who want to better understand the Bible story.


About the Author

George W. Knight developed Barbour's Layman's Bible Dictionary in 1997, spawning a series that has sold more than one million books. He is a former Bible reference editor with a major Christian publisher.

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