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The Complete Guide to Dream Interpretation

The Complete Guide to Dream Interpretation


Simple, Dynamic Plan and Comprehensive Dictionary for Dream Interpretation

Books on dream interpretation can wander off into complicated techniques, clinical language or incomplete information. With wit and warmth, dream interpretation expert Marsha Trimble Dunstan gives you a truly simple, comprehensive and biblical approach to understanding your dreams.

Thoroughly grounding her teaching in Scripture, Dunstan lays out a concise step-by-step process for straightforward interpretation and then gives a wealth of real modern-day examples of dreams and their interpretations. Included at the end is one of the most extensive dream symbol dictionaries on the market, with over 3,800 entries, most with Bible references.

If you long to hear what God is saying to you through your dreams, this dynamic book is sure to become a well-used staple next to your bedside, providing you with the practical tools you need night after night.

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