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The Complete Apocrypha of the Ethiopian Bible

The Complete Apocrypha of the Ethiopian Bible


The Ancient Forgotten Apocryphal Writings of the World's Oldest Bible: The Ethiopian Coptic Bible.

This rare edition contains ALL the writings that are not included in the canonical version of the Protestant Bible.

Here's apocryphal writings that you will find in this unique edition:

Introduction and historical guide to reading the writings

The Wisdom Of Solomon

The 3 Books of Meqabyan, MEQABYAN I, II, III - In Lyric Rastafari Version of Jamaican Patois

The Ethiopian Enoch’s Books PLUS Apocryphal Parts of Noah’s Book Excluded From Canonical Protestant Bible.


The Prophecy of Jeremiah – Epistle of Jeremiah


Additions of The Book of Esther

Psalm 151

The Wisdom of Jesus Son of Sirach – The Book of Sirach or Ecclesiasticus

The Book of Tobit

The Book of Judith

Bel and the Dragon


PLUS Apocrypha Ethiopic Prayers, The Prayer of Manasseh - King of Judah and The Prayer of Azariah

These are the ancient writings that were written on goatskin in the traditional and primitive Ethiopian language, Ge'Ez. In this edition brought back to light in English.

This edition also includes annotations and illustrations that we have included to:

EXPLAIN the historical context

GUIDE the reading of the translated text

Why is no one talking about the Ethiopian Bible today?

Why have these texts been gradually forgotten?

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