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The Chosen: Book One

The Chosen: Book One


Based on the acclaimed video series The Chosen, the most amazing story ever told--the life of Jesus-- gets a fresh, new telling from New York Times bestselling author Jerry B. Jenkins.

What was it like to encounter Jesus face-to-face? How would he have made you feel, changed your way of thinking about God? Would he have turned your world upside down? Journey to Galilee in the first century. See the difference he made in the lives of those he called to follow him and how they were forever transformed. Experience the life and power of the perfect Son of God as never before through the eyes of everyday people just like you.


The official novel based on Season 1 of the immensely popular TV series, which has been seen in every country in the world, with over 85 million views

The latest Christian fiction from Jerry Jenkins, perhaps the bestselling Christian novelist of recent times

Jacketed hardcover with spot gloss


Any author who has written and sold as many books as Jerry Jenkins might be forgiven a tendency to lean on familiar structure while producing yet another manuscript. Fortunately, Jenkins is not just ''any author.'' While the broad storyline of Jesus choosing his disciples will be familiar to some, it is the author's deft handling of the historical language and customs of the time that give his newest release a vibrancy rarely felt by readers of any novel. The Chosen: I Have Called You by Name has been crafted with wise and insightful context. This is the book Jerry Jenkins was born to write.

--Andy Andrews, New York Times bestselling author of The Traveler's Gift, The Noticer, and Just Jones

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