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Supernatural Upgrade

Supernatural Upgrade


Jesus wants to teach you how to live a supernatural life! When He walked the Earth, Jesus trained His disciples to walk in the miraculous by healing the sick, casting out demons, raising the dead, and bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. This is Jesus’ definition of “normal life.”

Today, we need a supernatural upgrade to bring us back to Jesus’ vision for what is normal.

Chazdon Strickland is a pastor and trainer. He recognizes his assignment is not to simply build a congregation, but to train every believer on how to enter, access, and release the glory of God based on Jesus’ model.

In Supernatural Upgrade, Chazdon offers powerful teaching and testimonies to train you how to:

Enroll in the school of the Holy Spirit.

Stoke the passionate fire of God in your life.

Access greater dimensions of the Glory Realm.

Press in for Resurrection Glory.

Discover how to live as God’s offspring on Earth.

The Old Testament prophets saw a day when the knowledge of God’s glory would flood the Earth. Today is that day! Get ready to walk in the supernatural realms and realities you’ve read about in Scripture!

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