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Suffering While Service

Suffering While Service


There is an illusion that ascending to a role of leadership is full of great accolades, popularity, glitz, and glamour. Everyone will cooperate with your personality and leadership style, your vision will be accepted and adhered to, and you will be celebrated for the hard decisions that must be made. This notion is as far from the truth. Whether you are called to lead a Fortune 500 company, a church as a pastor, or an auxiliary within a church or community, there’s an adage that still holds true to this day, “Heavy is the Head that Wears the Crown.” The collection of journeys, within SUFFERING WHILE SERVING, are actual stories from a distinguished group of pastors, ministers, and ministry leaders. Their boldness in being transparent about their suffering while leading in the church is designed to help those who are suffering in silence. Not only do they share their journeys, but they also provide keen insights and coping strategies to find a healthy balance and perspective on how to be a successful leader.

Visionary Author: Dr. Mark T. Gibson

Contributing Authors:

Reverend Tracy Bell, Reverend A. D. Black, Pastor Jamal H. Brown, Minister Janice Hawkins, Elder LaFonza Koger, Reverend Terry D. Lee, Reverend Alphonso Lewis, Dr. Gregory K. Moss, Pastor Johnnie Randolph, Jr, Reverend Lillie Sanders, Dr. Shawn J. Singleton, Reverend Dr. Joe L. Stevenson, Pastor Frank T. White, Sr., Elder Bonita Womack, Dr. James T. Worthy

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