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Never Ever Build A Blanket Fort

Never Ever Build A Blanket Fort


What happens when you dare to build a blanket fort?

It could be a comfy little reading space... or it could transform into something much more medieval! Would you be ready to defend it against the most unlikely of villains?

From the author of the award-winning book Ada and the Helpers comes Never Ever Build a Blanket Fort!—an imaginative, faith-based adventure about a brave brother and sister who are faced with defending their own fluffy fortress! Will they find the courage they need to go toe-to-toe with their furry foes?

In Never Ever Build a Blanket Fort!, young Christians are taught to put on the full armor of God—a metaphor that uses symbols such as the helmet of salvation, shield of faith, shoes of the gospel of peace, belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, and sword of the Spirit. In fact, the hardcover features a double-sided dust jacket with an illustrated Armor of God poster inside over two feet tall—perfect for your child’s bedroom or classroom.

After the main story, you'll find an extra non-fiction mini-feature titled "Never Ever Fill a Castle Moat With Water!" This short trivia section explains how castle moats were historically used—including a very unique bear moat at the Český Krumlov Castle in the Czech Republic!

Illustrated by the talented Lee Dixon, this funny and imaginative story will not only have your children laughing. It also uses a bit of reverse psychology—don't be surprised if they get right to work building their own blanket fort and letting their imaginations run wild!

Get ready for an exciting, brand-new adventure series following the same siblings as they attempt to build classic kids creations like blanket forts, soapbox cars, and more. But with each build, their imaginations take over and a new adventure begins!

The Never Ever Build a… Series follows a cause-and-effect style tale much like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and If I Built a Car. Each adventure is designed to encourage your kids to step away from their screens, be creative, and explore their imaginations and their faith!

Each book is also loosely based on a different principle from the Bible—such as the Armor of God in Never Ever Build a Blanket Fort! After their blanket fort seems to transform into a castle, Brother and Sister realize they need to be more prepared. After putting on their armor, they gain courage to take on their fuzzy adversaries.

The hardcover edition is fully printed in Lithuania on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified paper from responsible sources.

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