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My Heart Is Broken, Who Can Fix It?

My Heart Is Broken, Who Can Fix It?


Hope the Healing Bear is concerned about how you are feeling.

Let her help you cope with your problems, so that you can begin to heal.

Tell Hope the Healing Bear What You Are Dealing With:

Bullying –Is someone hitting you or calling you names?

Loss or Death – Are you trying to cope with the loss or death of a family member, friend or pet?

Blame – Are you blaming yourself for something you have no control over, such as the divorce of your parents or an accident that caused harm to someone?

Guilt and Shame – Have you done something that you are ashamed of and now you are feeling guilty?

Sexual Abuse – Has someone touched you on the private parts of your body?

Physical Pain – Do you have a sickness in your body that is causing you pain?

Let’s find out how Hope can help you heal.

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