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Kingdom Politics: Returning God to Government

Kingdom Politics: Returning God to Government


Christians love to talk about politics, but the current conversation is full of contentious words that divide our churches and families. Dr. Tony Evans takes a step back to find foundational Bible principles for integrating politics into our daily lives. He challenges readers to incorporate all of Scripture when addressing divisive issues, forcing us to look at political issues we’ve neglected. Learn to speak with grace when you disagree with family and friends. Maintain your political affiliations without causing divisions in your church. Take sides on moral issues while demonstrating the compassion and love of Jesus Christ. Kingdom Politics offers a biblical path through one of the most divisive issues of our time.

From the Back Cover

Will we be one nation under God or a divided nation apart from God?

If we don’t answer that question correctly, and quickly, we won’t be much of a nation at all.

The kingdom agenda reflects the comprehensive rule of God over every area of life—including the political realm.

What is the link between God and government?

How do we answer questions about the sanctity of life, the importance of the family, and social justice?

Which political party should we support?

Should the church address political issues?

How can we appeal for civility and communicate with grace?

As long as we have God, we have hope. Dr. Tony Evans takes us to God’s Word to answer these questions—and more—giving us a kingdom strategy for community transformation.

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