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Hell’s Toxic Trio

Hell’s Toxic Trio


Beneath the Surface of Your Daily Life There Is A Conspiracy Against You.

WHETHER OR NOT YOU REALIZE IT, spiritual forces are at work in every element of your life. However, some of these spirits have an agenda to cripple your faith and draw you away from God.

The toxic trio of hell’s most threatening conspirators consists of the Jezebel spirit, the python spirit, and the religious spirit. With the Jezebel spirit, seduction is its game as it distracts, manipulates, and deceives. The python spirit chokes the wind of God out of believers. The religious spirit sows legalism and bondage into the hearts of God’s people.

These three spirits have the same goal: to reverse the progress of your spiritual growth and break your faith. Ryan LeStrange exposes how these spirits conspire to execute Satan’s agenda on the earth. Hell’s Toxic Trio equips you with the tools to rise above the Jezebel spirit, the python spirit, and the religious spirit so you can live in victory.



When the Lord gives you a revelation of the enemy’s toxic plots, it empowers you to overcome every attack. As I always say, a

devil exposed is a devil defeated. In Hell’s Toxic Trio Ryan exposes a threefold demonic cord that many believers have not

yet discerned. He also shows you how it can be easily broken

with heaven’s strategy. You can’t see what you can’t see, but this

book will open your eyes to the root of toxic attacks in your life.

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