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Healing  Journal: No Longer Building On Brokeness

Healing Journal: No Longer Building On Brokeness


Many are accustomed to partnering with trauma and oftentimes remain stuck in a never-ending cycle of building on brokenness. This journal is a 40-day journey of fasting and praying and seeking God for the very healing that we sometimes don’t realize we need. Life has happened to all of us and even left some of us broken but we just continued to build on those broken pieces. Knowingly, building on an unstable foundation will eventually come crashing down leading us to rebuild from the rumble. We must heal in order to begin building on a solid foundation. Healing is a process in which everyone's journey is completely different. This 40-Day journal was designed to equip you or someone you may know and love with tools to aid in healing process. Whether it's the beginning, middle, or end, embracing every part of the journey to healing is vital. In addition to embracing our journey, we also must be sure to recognize our specific areas of brokenness for complete healing and wholeness. Matthew 15:26-28 indicates "Healing is the Children's bread. Therefore, healing and wholeness are our portion.

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