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Devotions & Prayers to Anchor the Soul

Devotions & Prayers to Anchor the Soul


In the book “Devotions and Prayers to Anchor the Soul” Anecia Lee pours out her compassion and love for Jesus and others. The devotions guide the reader into the depths of God‘s Word, bringing out the need to just be still and find peace in His goodness and wisdom. Paired with the devotions, each prayer is in its raw and original prayed state and can serve as a heart cry to the Lord very much like the book of Psalms. Just as king David prayed personal and deeply emotional prayers to the Lord, Anecia’s gift of worshiping God with the art of prayer will bring her readers to their knees. As a devoted child of God, wife, mother, grandmother, and friend, Anecia is able to intercede on behalf of others in a way that leaves their deepest needs on the altar before our merciful Lord Jesus. As a wise and gifted counselor, Anecia sees deeper into the prayer request of others than just the initial ask. Anecia’s love for God is felt in her praise, Thanksgiving, and her ability to speak light and life into the darkest moments is a joy to read and pray along with. May each reader receive a blessing and an encouragement to bare their souls before God in Spirit and in truthful .

Devotional and prayers to anchor the soul was birth out of a place of of stillness before Father God and listening to His voice.

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