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Andrew Murray Collection On Prayer

Andrew Murray Collection On Prayer


The Andrew Murray Collection On Prayer, written more than one hundred years ago, serves as a groundbreaking manual for Christians around the world. Murray breaks open the tenets of God to reveal them to each person in a way that is simple, relatable, applicable to every day, age, and era. He provides spiritual guidance and specific instructions for following God’s word in each of the included books.


A great piece on Christian humility, Andrew Murray’s “Humility” reveals how living a life empty of ourselves, living for others, in their service is the pathway to true Christian living. The ideas and suggestions of turning from pride can be easily applied to everyday life, and the words of wisdom imparted by Murray should be consumed as part of every Christian “diet” as fuel for daily living.

Absolute Surrender

“Absolute Surrender” reveals the need for every Christian to surrender their will to the will of God, identifying actionable steps to bring about their absolute submission to God. Murray shares how through surrender, Christians receive love and good fortune, which they are in turn to share with others


The Ministry of Intercession

Murray shares the power of intercessory prayer on behalf of others. This thought-provoking book is an excellent read for anyone seeking to become a prayer warrior for the sake of their fellow man. It serves as a guide to awaken the power of prayer in every Christian and release the hold that prayer for material things or personal blessings has on us


The Power of the Blood of Jesus

Murray expounds upon the power and significance of Jesus’ blood and how it helps us navigate and manage life’s challenging situations. The blood of Jesus is a powerful weapon against the evil that tries to overtake us regularly and, if used properly, can lead to a victorious life here on earth.


Other books in this compilation, including Lord, Teach Us to Pray, and Divine Healing, express the need for prayer and its role in our lives and our health. Jesus died for our sins and for us to be free of disease and illness. Putting our unwavering trust in Jesus through prayer is the key to unlocking our divine healing.

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